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Master of Arts Program in Management (with specializations)
& brand-new PreMaster program

By Mr David Sixt, Associate Head of the Study Program
Faculty “Management & Performance”, Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe, Germany

ReThinking Management (in management practice and education)

Economic reality is constructed and staged by the actors through ascription, interpretation and negotiation of sense and meaning, and economic interactions are culturally and socially performed. In this spirit, an interpretative approach to business and economics becomes focal:

In contrast to the prevailing concept of 'man-as-machine' in management studies, we must understand what makes people tick, how they shape and are shaped by culture, and how society as a whole progresses for us to be successful at what we do. Accordingly, young professionals need to be qualified for management and leadership functions in business – but beyond that, in society. They need to be enabled to understand, accompany and actively design social and cultural change in management positions within organizations.

Management education, then, cannot be about spoon-feeding mere factual knowledge or a 'universal truth'. Students need to get insights into relevant fields, theories and practices. But the focus cannot be only on instruction but on the interaction between the lecturer and the group of students, where individual experiences and opinions are appreciated, discussed and worked on together. This enables a re-thinking of established paths and a treading of new ones on the basis of an embodied sense of responsibility, empathy, sustainability, and expertise.

Why apply for the Management M.A. at the Karls?

The Karls is a different kind of university for people who are, or who want to be, different. In fact, for people who want to make a difference. It wants to accompany students in their personal and professional development.

The Management M.A. program is one which does not provide a mere 'classical' examination of business and economics. Much more, it is a playing field where management, cultural and social sciences, theory and practice, ethics and sustainability come together – and where these phenomena are not taken for granted, but where they are reflected critically and empathically.

Additionally, it offers a broad management education while giving students the possibility to become experts in the fields and topics they are interested in. For this, they can select two out of eight specializations:
  • Brand,
  • Creativity & Innovation,
  • Cultural Change & Society,
  • Finance,
  • Human Resources & Diversity,
  • New Media,
  • Sustainability, and
  • Tourism Culture & Consumption.
This profile qualifies students for a variety of career paths in management and business, as well as for further academic excellence programs. Successful graduates are able to connect their knowledge and skills in the field of general management with the specializations they have selected, shaping and changing the task area they will be responsible for in their later lives (and, beyond this, shaping and changing the entire organization and its environment).


Path changers, i.e. people with study backgrounds other than management, business or economics, now have the possibility to join our brand-new PreMaster course in order to acquire the necessary competences and formal requirements to qualify for the Master’s.

The PreMaster program at the Karls is a full-time, one-semester course in English which is offered every fall semester. It starts in September and ends in February. In this period you will get the relevant knowledge and skills in business management, economics, scientific working and others which prepare and qualify you for a successful start in our "Management" Master's program beginning in March of every year.

The program contains two tracks: One for German students and one for international students. Whilst the basis is the same in both tracks, German students will have an extra insight into the Global Economy in order to train you about international contexts. Students coming from international contexts will instead look into the German Business Culture in order to familiarize yourself with the context of your new home and to open possibilities to find a job in Germany already during your studies. Once you have successfully completed the PreMaster you will receive an official PreMaster certificate and a corresponding Transcript of Records to show for your achievements.

So, on the one hand, the PreMaster is a means to help you gain and fulfil the possibly necessary formal requirements to enter into the Karls' Master's program. On the other hand, though, it gives you a lot more.

For further information about the Karls and the Management M.A. program, please visit our website or contact our Admissions Team via e-mail:, or via phone: +49 – +49 – (0)721 / 48095 – 0

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