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The Importance Of Your Writing Skills. How Can You Upgrade Them?

We live in the age of information and writing is extremely important. Basically, good skills ensure that you perceive and provide information correctly and can persuade readers. We use our skills not only in means of education but in everyday life: you post on social media, chat with friends and send emails to your colleagues. It is essential to be good at explaining your thoughts and ideas because it is the primary function of communication.

You need to improve writing skills not only to finish the research paper and get the best grade. If you start working on it today, the knowledge and experience you get will increase your future efficiency at the job. Approximately the third part of a time in the office is spent on written tasks. It is not only about emails, but also about presentations, reports, etc. It is hard to imagine a job where you wonít need any writing skills at all.

So where to start?

Here are several useful tips:

i. Start with planning
First of all, you should have a general idea of what you are going to say. Create a structure and do the draft. The key point should be clear and simple. The main idea is that you understand what you want to say and how you want it to sound. Be sure that your message is easy to understand for anyone. After the draft, donít forget to edit and format your write-up. Needless to say, you need to eliminate any grammar or spelling mistakes.
ii. Give the reader a context
Put yourself into the readerís shoes and think about your text. Is it easy to understand? Is there enough background information? It is crucial to the perception of a text. If the reader doesnít know what you are talking about, they wonít be interested at all. Donít get into too many details, keep it simple and clear. Donít overload your readers with unnecessary musings and descriptions. That will tire them quickly, and they will lose focus.
iii. Rhetorical means
Think about argumentation of your position. Now, when you have a general idea and context, you might need to persuade a reader. Use the rhetorical means, empathy and critical thinking to be convincing. Donít be harsh but also avoid a weak position. Your arguments should be clear and supported by facts if it is possible.
iv. Keep the language simple
Sometimes we tend to use complex words that are not common. Some people think these words make their writing look more professional, but this not necessarily so. Try to write in a more conversational way, so it is more human-like, and donít stuff your text with prepositional phrases and passive voice structures. Also, pay attention to how you build your sentences. If you are not writing an essay, avoid three-line sentences and stick to shorter ones.
v. Use contractions wisely
Of course, in academic papers contractions are forbidden. You might think, ďOh, but this is so hard, why cannot someone write a paper for me?Ē But it is not hard at all. If you are working on your study project, be sure to avoid them. But when it comes to other write-ups, using them wonít hurt.
vi. Make it more personal
It is always better to make your writing more person-oriented. You can let your personality show, and readers will appreciate it. No one wants to read a robotic text. And this is a perfect way to train your own style. You may use some words that you generally use in everyday life. Or you can out a small story if it is appropriate.


Make it a habit to train your skills every day. You can spend about 15 minutes per day on it, and in the future, you will be happy with the results. Decent writing is an amazing way to communicate and, it will make you a good specialist in your field. You will be able to master any text in any style.