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Six Tips for Tidying Up Your Study Space
During the Pandemic

Studying in a disorganized space undermines learnersí concentration and productivity. According to the study, maintaining a neat and clutter-free learning area eradicates distractions and permits you to focus on what matters.

As a college student, you need to understand that your learning area is your sanctuary. It is the area where you are most creative and productive. However, it is crucial to maintain a tidy area to optimize productivity and reduce interruptions. Here are some tips on how to organize your study space.
  • Find A Quiet Place
Even before you start thinking about coordinating your study room for optimal productivity, you need to consider location. Your chosen study area should be as quite as possible. Remember, there will be instances when you will be expected to attend class. During such session, your focus will be critical. Finding a quiet place for gives you room to prioritize academics. When picking the right spot, remember that you will need access to an electrical socket for your devices.
  • Clean the Room Often and Eliminate Clutter
College students need to learn how to eliminate clutter from their rooms. Remember, working in a clean environment is essential for your health and safety. Clutter strewn everywhere in your space increases the risk of falls and injury. For your safety, avoid clutter and clean your room often. Research also shows that people who live in disordered rooms struggle with mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. This is because their brains get overwhelmed by the numerous stimuli competing for their attention.

Understand that cleaning and arranging material in your room makes you more productive. You spend less time looking for things and can focus on assignments without being distracted. The bottom line is that maintaining an organized and tidy room is crucial for your health and productivity. So, keep cleaning your study space.
  • Stay Away from Phones and Interruptions
Your study area ought to be solely devoted to academic endeavors. This means that distractions have no space in your schoolwork room. Experts indicate that one of the most challenging things about focusing during study time is avoiding getting distracted. Unfortunately, the era of technology comes with tons of distractions.

Leaving your phone in another room or keeping it away from your table permits you to focus better. You could also turn the phone on silent. This way, you will be able to fight the temptation to keep checking for updates and notifications.
  • Prioritize Lighting and Comfort
You will be spending substantial time in concentrated in your learning environment. As such, it is essential to prioritize comfort. Invest in a good seat and table that wonít cause you back problems. Choose a desk and chair that will not hurt your back and will allow you to remain focused for prolonged periods. Also, make sure to get as much natural lighting as possible. Since you will be spending much of your time inside the house, you need to understand that natural lighting helps you remain productive. According to a recent survey, students exposed to natural lighting tend to get quality sleep. Natural lighting will also make you happier and more productive.
  • Categorize Your Study Material
One of the most essential things when being taught online is systematizing your objects in a way that you can locate the tools needed without wasting much time. Ascertain that your course notes are easily reachable. If possible, invest in a substantial filing system for your hard copy material. Remember, since you will be doing most of your tasks digitally, you can also store some of your materials as files on the computer. Make good use of the cloud and always back up your files. Also, consider hiring a professional essay writer to help with some of your tasks.
  • Create and Follow a Routine

One of the best ways to stay systematized when learning online is to develop a routine. Getting a working routine allows you to sustain focus and stay on top of your academic commitments. Following a routine during these challenging times will give you some sense of predictability and order. You will always know what to expect.

Having an organized study space is good for your mental and physical health when learning from home. Clean your room often and consider color-coding your study material. Once you have gone through the course syllabus, create a learning schedule for your course. Try to include exercise in your routine. Consider using a planner to keep your days organized and help with effective time management.