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Some Important Points of Our Interview with Tailormade Chinese Centre

This article will present the results of our interview with Tailormade Chinese Centre, a Chinese school located in the two largest cities in China, Beijing and Shanghai. The company was created in 2009 by a team of expatriate entrepreneurs with the aim to facilitate Mandarin access by every person who wants to learn Chinese language. TailorMade Chinese Centre provides various classes to provide Mandarin lessons to thousands of students who want to learn the language. This interview is presented in the format of questions and answers:

What kind of clients are you targeting?

We target a wide variety of foreign companies as major customers and almost all of our students are the people who are working in China. We only provide Chinese teachers with certified Mandarin ability (Bachelor or Master Degrees).

What teaching method do you use?

We use the ancient Chinese teaching method that utilizes some important aspects of everyday Chinese life. Each of our students can freely choose the time and place of their lessons. They can also choose a field of study as required, and they can cancel the program up to the first 3 hours without being charged.

What are your main advantages?

We only provide professional Chinese teachers with at least a university diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. We will not use teachers who have only a certificate without diploma of language. We are also one of the few providers of language training that focus on the teaching of modern spoken Mandarin and modern vocabulary commonly used in everyday life. We also provide personalized classes that are able to meet all expectations and agendas of each of our students. We should tell you that 90% of all our students are those who are attending the trial.

Do you think that it is important to speak Chinese to learn Chinese?

It is a sure thing and can be based on several reasons, such as:

1. To increase confidence, because you can communicate anytime and anywhere you are in China.

2. To create independence so that you do not need a dictionary every time. You can learn Chinese more quickly because the language is a tool for communicating and highly depends on the habit.

3. Help you to better understand your environment, people, colleagues at work, and also find the best ways to do something in China. If you want to find a variety of hidden business opportunities then mastery of the Chinese language is something you need.

What is the biggest mistake in learning Chinese?

The biggest mistake in studying Chinese is to learn without considering the Chinese style. You should be aware that the style of a community influences in learning the community’s language, and this fact is not just limited to Chinese. Our learning method combines ancient Chinese style and modernity and everyone can’t learn Chinese well without understanding what thought by the Chinese. I hope you got our point.

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