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Should You Get a Master's or Doctorate Degree in Psychology?

Deciding on if you should earn a Master's or Doctorate degree is something that nearly all psychology majors consider at some point. Anyone who is looking into obtaining a master's degree in psychology will want to determine if it is the right choice for them. Since it entails 2 years of full-time study from the students and is both challenging and time consuming, it's essential that the students be absolutely sure if they are willing to commit themselves.

Furthermore, this course can often entail an internship which students will not be paid or get hardly any money from, therefore students will still need to fund their studies. But, since this is a fairly rewarding course, students are often lining up to be enrolled into the program. Reasons to Get that Degree

A Career Path that is Truly Rewarding

Helping people is one of the main reasons why people get into the psychology field. A master's degree will help get them there. Individuals are able to register themselves into the American Psychological Association so they can then practice as a certified psychologist. Although it's not everyone's goal to give back to their communities, psychology is a great way to accomplish that.

You Become Eligible for a PhD

To complete your PhD, a master's degree is first needed. Although this is not the career path everyone chooses, those that wish to pursue it will need to make certain that they will be eligible for it down the road in their educational career.

Numerous Career Choices

People who hold a master's degree in psychology are provided with a broader range of professions. Some might become sports psychologists while others decide to work in rehabilitation centers. A broad range like this is appealing to people who are not quite sure about a specific position they wish to pursue to start their careers.

It's Challenging

People who have completed 4 years of a psychology undergraduate class enjoy a challenge. If they didn't they would probably have quit already. Obtaining a master's degree is another challenging feat and even though it can be daunting it can be exciting as well. Students at this stage start to put what they learned into practice whether it is in their research or during their internship.

Lastly, psychology is a career that is much respected and anyone pursuing this profession will be required to have a master's degree. It is a field that is daunting, challenging, exhilarating and inspiring. Those who get into this field should expect to work really hard, but can also expect lots of rewards from their efforts. Therefore, it can be worth their while to put in the time and effort to obtain this degree.

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