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Preschool Education: 10 Essential Tips for Parents

Let's try and remember the meaning of the word ‘masterpiece’. Usually, when we hear something like this, we get pictures in our mind of paintings, sculptures, movies, symphonies, books and other art items. But what does it really mean? Broadly speaking, a masterpiece is a result of a creative process involving inspiration, hard work, and lots of love the creator of an art piece put into their work.

However, this definition also applies to another creative process - parenting. It is easy to see a connection because bringing up a child is very much like creating a masterpiece.

So, if you are planning on becoming a parent in the future (or already are), you will definitely find the below educational guide for preschoolers useful.
  1. Teach your kid to manage their time. It is important to prepare your child for a structured lifestyle. You can start from the very basics, such as setting up go-to-bed and wake-up time. Never force a habit on your child - you will get the expected result gradually. Also, you shouldn’t upset your kid by stopping them from playing, watching a cartoon or meeting with friends. It’d be much better if you warned them beforehand what time they should finish the said activities.

  2. Give your child more independence. If you follow this tip, you will make your child much more confident and independent. If a preschooler hasn’t done a task particularly well, you shouldn’t fix the damage they’ve done. Try engaging them in helping you instead of punishing them.

  3. Formulate rules logically and follow them at all times. Your rules should be clear-cut and reasonable. Refrain from using the “no if” words. For example: “I will not give you your ice cream if you do not finish your soup”. Instead, you could say: “You’d do your health a big favor if you kept your first courses and desserts separate”. You should not delay any disciplinary actions, either. Talk with your child whenever you notice some misbehavior on their part.

  4. Anticipate more from your child. Don't think your kid is not old enough to do something. Only letting them play, sleep and eat is wrong. After all, even a puppy has more opportunities and responsibilities. Does your daughter want to try her hand at cooking? Great! Do it together and you will be surprised how fun it can be. When she picks up some skills, you can allow her to make breakfast. This will be a cool experience for all your family.

  5. Conduct basic preschool lessons. It can be reading some simple books and poems or sharing some interesting geography facts. You can teach them the alphabet and some basic writing skills. You can also demonstrate them the use of different languages in movies and songs. Even painting or dancing can be educational. The important thing is that you should do it together and have fun in the process.

  6. Reward your kid’s progress. Would you work without a salary? Right, kids need some motivation, too. They need to see their progress, so they can achieve new levels and skills. Make them proud and happy by giving them the reasons why they are smart and talented.

  7. Let them use their imagination. The easiest thing you can do is teach your kid to create stuff (e.g. using colors, paper, and pencils) and entertain themselves. It will let them develop their imagination and give you some free time.

  8. Give your child freedom of choice in choosing their school accessories and clothes. Let them choose their own style. Don't impose your choice on them. Instead, give them some advice and watch your masterpiece being created little by little. Search for some unique and trendy stuff online.

  9. Tell your kid about your school time. Try sharing the most positive experiences with your kid (e.g. friends, trips with classmates), so they’re motivated to go to school. You may create a photo album and put in it the most memorable photos of your kid’s first year at school.

  10. Help them not to be lonely at school. This tip is extremely important. Give your child something that will remind them of you while they’re in school. It can be your picture or a small souvenir.

Never be afraid to try something new in your parenting!