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Rihanna encourages people to learn the English language

Kaplan infographic

New research carried out by Kaplan International Colleges, a forefront leader in teaching English world-wide, has revealed that Rihanna is the most popular musician for inspiring people to learn the English Language.

Survey results from over a thousand people, who spoke English as a foreign language (EFL), indicated that more than half learned it to comprehend a celebrity. 10% said that Rihanna was the single factor that encouraged them to pick up studying English. Rihanna came in front of chart rivals Kate Perry and Beyonce who inspired 8% and 7% of EFL speakers respectively.

The study also discovered that Eminem was the most popular male musician capturing 7% of the people learning English essentially to understand what the rapper was singing. Results also showed that 22% of the EFL speakers that learned English were to understand what US President Barack Obama was saying.

For more information on the survey Kaplan has created the Kaplan Infographic to showcase the results.

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