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A Student's Guide on How to Gain Writing Experience in College

If you happen to take journalism or creative writing course, or you just want to boost your writing skills in a specialist area, gaining vast writing experience in college is a superb way to improve both your resume and employability. An attractive writing portfolio is your ace in the hole Ė so why not go ahead and get some credit to your name in the chosen field? Here are some great ways to acquire writing experience while studying.


Starting your blog is one of the easiest ways to improve your writing portfolio. Besides, blogging enables you to gain collaborators and stand out. Make sure to inject all of your unique personality into your blog and take a unique perspective on the most trivial things. Besides, it is fun.

Co-work with Custom Writing Sites

The websites that provide help with essay writing in UK, US or any other country are full of professional and experienced writers who know how to craft texts that blow your mind. Feel free to contact the trusted sources to get some quick and professional tips from the world of writing. Provide online editors with your piece, and see what they have to say about your style, grammar, and punctuation.


A lot of online and printed publications and magazines tend to run short story competitions, and you are welcome to enter any! In the process, you will be able to practice, improve and estimate your creative writing skills, communicate with the other writers, share experiences, enjoy the excitement of competitions, as well as feel the taste of victory if you get the prize. If you actually win, feel free to add the details of your writing experience to your portfolio, which will look very impressive to potential clients.

Get Social

The question is not about posting cute photos of your pets or babies. Itís about professional comments in order to say as much as possible with few words. Be smart, logical, creative, and professional. Write carefully, and be concise. Who knows? Even the most primitive commenting can inspire ideas for articles or even a novel, and both your readers and colleagues will love you like crazy!

Join a College Writing Club

Donít have one? Start it! Being the person to start a project is always about being a leader. The great thing is that employers are looking for people who have this desirable quality. If you succeed with it in your college, then it proves a range of things. First, you can get people together with your unique goal. Second, youíre the leader, and third, youíre not afraid of facing the toughest challenges. Itís highly important to have great writing skills, thatís for sure. However, what is also crucial is to inspire people to write, and lead them to perfection.

Become a Freelancer for Local Publications

Choose a couple of either local or distant publications that are on the lookout for the sports or social news on your campus. Write, edit, design or do some research on the issues youíre closely related to.


There are many charities out there waiting for creative minds like you to do some writing for them. By providing your services, you will have an opportunity to add lots of new samples to your portfolio and make people happy, which is priceless.

It is critical that you take these small but useful opportunities in order to have something to show as your portfolio in the future. You donít want to graduate with zero writing experience, as there will be highly limited opportunities to get started with when youíre ex-student.