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Easy Money Saving Hacks for Students – How to Cope with Education Expenses

Having to survive when studying abroad with a short supply of money is essentially a part of the student experience. Whilst it can be annoying and difficult at times, managing your student finances is a great way to prepare yourself for the future. What this experience will teach you is resourcefulness, making use of what you have and saving money while doing it.

To help you stay ahead of the numbers game, here are some simple money-saving hacks you must try in order to cope with your education expenses.

Step back in time and use cash

We’re quite used to not seeing money anymore. Everything happens digitally and the so-called card-money is part of most people’s daily spending. When was the last time you handled cash?

But university research studies show, people are more likely to reconsider their purchases if they need to pay with cash. At the start of the week, walk to the cash machine, take out the money you’ve budgeted for the week and make it last.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

You can also save money by using the famous line. Well, it’s not actually advisable to start flashing it out. Nonetheless, use your status as a student for your benefit.

European countriestend to have national Student Unions, which issue a savings card. This provides you benefits on travel, shopping and even entertainment! For instance, the UK’s Union of Students (NUS) has its NUS Extra card, which provides savings in places such as Giraffe and Thorpe Park.

Check for savings before you buy

As well as utilising your student discounts, you might be able to double your savings with the use of vouchers.

Use free Wi-Fi

The campus is definitely becoming the hotspot for free Wi-Fi. Almost every university is now investing in this option and it can be a big money-saver. Turn off your mobile data and instead utilise the free Wi-Fi around you. Chances are you even have nearby cafes and restaurants with free Internet. So, instead of browsing Facebook on your way to the campus, just do so between lectures.

Become a bit more eco-friendly

Eco-friendly choices are not only saving the planet, but can also boost your balance sheet. You should start timing your showers, washing your laundry in 30 degrees, and turning off power switches whenever you don’t use it.

The above habits might not sound much, but statistics show they can end up saving you quite a bit on utility bills. Furthermore, you should definitely start walking around more instead of always hopping on to public transport.

Learn to cook

Cooking is not rocket science. While it can be difficult to master the art of making béchamel sauce, we don’t all need to earn a Michelin star. Start with the basics and build up your skillset as you become more confident.

Purchase a set of Tupperware or any other set of plastic food storage items for cheap and keep your food from going bad. You should even consider freezing portions to ensure you always have something to eat.

The above hacks will give a healthy boost to your balance sheet. The most crucial thing to remember is taking a moment before you buy something. Do you really need it? If the answer is yes, always find the cheapest way to buy it. Let us know if you have some more cool money-saving hacks to share!

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