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Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School


AddressGhent Campus, Reep 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Leuven Campus, Vlamingenstraat 83, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Tel. No.Ghent Campus: +32 9 210 97 11
Leuven Campus: +32 16 24 88 11
Fax No. Ghent Campus: +32 9 210 97 00
Leuven Campus: +32 16 24 88 00
CoursesMasters in General Management
Masters in Financial Management
Masters in Marketing Management
Course DirectorsMasters in General Management: Prof. Dr. Deva Rangarajan
Masters in Financial Management: Prof. Dr. Sophie Manigart
Masters in Marketing Management: Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert
Core subjectsMasters in General Management:
Introduction to Statistics,Introduction to Economics,Introduction to Industrial and Organisational Psychology,Introduction to Financial Accounting,Computer Skills,Introduction to Mathematics,Business Ethics, Decision Sciences for Business,Entrepreneurship,Financial Management,Human Resources Management,Information Management,Innovation Management,International Management,Management and Organisation,Management Accounting & Management Control,Management of the Legal Function,Marketing Management,Negotiation Analysis and Conflict Management,Operations Management,Project Management,Strategic Management,Value Added ICT,Business Games, Seminars,In-company Project

Masters in Financial Management:
Financial Instruments,Corporate Restructuring,Entrepreneurial Finance,Investments,Financial Accounting and Analysis,Cost Accounting,Management Control,Capital Budgeting,Corporate Taxation,Entrepreneurship,Business Game,Managerial Skills,In-company Project

Masters in Marketing Management:
Introduction in Marketing Strategy,Markstrat Business Game,Entrepreneurship and Business Planning,Consumer Behaviour,Business Market Management,Market Research,Marketing Communication,Interactive Marketing,Product Marketing,Pricing Policy,Sales Management,Retail & Trade Marketing,International Marketing,Service Marketing,Integration Exercise,Reporting Techniques,Seminars,In-company Projects


About the University

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has deep academic roots. Founded by professor André baron Vlerick in 1953 and the Autonomous Management School of Ghent University and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, it offers a unique reservoir of knowledge. The school benefits from the amassed knowledge of the two biggest Belgian universities, both older than Belgium itself, each having a strong reputation in fundamental research. In order to respond adequately to your evolving management needs, crucial access to the latest research is available; not only to the research conducted by the school, but also to the research of others. Our close connections with the international corporate world lead to practice-based research in cooperation with numerous companies and organisations.

The school is the only Belgian school to hold triple accreditation: from EQUIS, AMBA and the American AACSB label. This makes the school one of the 20 business schools in the world to hold triple accreditation. The school offers an International MBA programme and numerous training programmes for company executives, and has literally thousands of graduates successfully operating at top management levels in the manufacturing industry, in consultancy, in services and in the public sector in over 70 countries.

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is an academic and international school of management that aims to make an important contribution to professionalising management and encouraging entrepreneurship. The school realises this mission through rigorous and relevant scientific research and by offering a large range of high-quality management courses with a specific European dimension. We welcome students, managers and organisations from all over the world.


The basic values applied by the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in order to accomplish this mission are:


Our added value can be found in the productive interaction between scientific knowledge and practical management experience.

Customers will find the school a professional partner for discussion and will be able to further develop their own ability to synthesise during meaningful dialogues with lecturers, researchers and fellow students.They can rely on the school fulfilling its role as watchdog with regard to new management theories and concepts, as well as the best practices from within the corporate world.The school commits itself to synthesising its research and training activities and to developing adapted and relevant management models. An interdisciplinary approach is essential for this.

Sense of Entrepreneurship

The community can expect the school to play an active role in encouraging a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. It wishes to be a central meeting place for entrepreneurs and researchers to discuss a uniting theme.

Internally as well, the school creates an environment that encourages innovation.

Integrity and Autonomy

We are convinced that integrity is a fundamental value for every organisation as well as for the management of that organisation.

The community can expect the school to contribute in all its activities and its relationship with all its stakeholders to the development of an ethical conscience. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to the social responsibility of managers and organisations. As a scientific institution we actively take part in, for example, the debate on corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility.We have also incorporated this theme in our course activities. On every contact with the school you should be able to experience that we acknowledge and apply a coherent and explicit value system. Freedom of expression is of vital importance for an academic institution like ours. The school cherishes its autonomous position and approaches its environment in an objective and unbiased manner.

Respect for Diversity

The school will make maximum use of the wealth offered by the diversity of its clients. For its part, the school wants to guarantee its clients an environment within the school that respects and promotes diversity.


Students, participants, organisations and the community can rely on the school taking their wants and needs as a basis for both the development of educational programmes and when defining and carrying out research projects.

Having empathy for the client is the fundamental attitude of staff members within the school.These values can also be found in our product range, in particular with regard to training and research.


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