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University of Stirling
Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Address Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies,School of Arts and Humanities,University of Stirling,Stirling,FK9 4LA,Scotland, UK
Tel. No. +44 (0) 01786 467542
Course titles MSc Translation Studies with TESOL
MRes in Translation


About the Master’s in Translation Studies and the MRes in Translation Studies

The Master’s in Translation Studies and the MRes in Translation Studies both have a strong focus on practical translation and on specific situations in which people communicate with one another across different cultures. The MRes, however, places greater emphasis on research training and practice than the Master’s programme. It is consequently more suitable for those considering an academic career in the burgeoning field of Translation Studies.

We offer the following languages paired with English: Chinese, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish (available subject to demand and availability).

Both courses provide extensive practical translation work on themes or topics of your choice. They are structured so that you can have considerable flexibility in choosing which areas of translation you wish to specialise in, as you build up a portfolio of translations with your language tutor(s). You may also elect to undertake an extended translation as part of your final dissertation and will be given an opportunity to examine some of the key topics in contemporary Translation Studies.

Students on the course also examine some major debates surrounding the opportunities and problems that arise when people from different cultures communicate and translate, through seminars led by experts in the field of intercultural communication. There will also be some opportunity for work-based study and related assignments, as well as a chance to develop your skills using translation software packages.

Finally, our strong network of contacts with translation industry employers (through ITI membership, a range of professional guest speakers, and a range of work placement opportunities) and our focus on employability and market needs will ensure that you are well prepared to enter the translation profession. Or, regardless of which course you choose, should you subsequently wish to study for a PhD, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that you have attained a level that prepares you for a higher research degree. And for candidates of a suitable level, there is an opportunity to continue in Stirling with a practice-led doctorate involving translation.

In sum, our programmes contain:
  • A balanced mix of theory and practice
  • A focus on language as well as translation skills
  • Work placement opportunities in connection with your final project/dissertation
  • A good international mix of students
  • Experienced, committed and supportive staff
  • Preparation for work in a globalised world!

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