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Chernigiv State Institute
of Economics and Management


Rector Professor Sukhovirsky Boris
Address 1 Streletskaya Street, Chernigiv 14003, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 4622 - 59072
Fax No. +380 4622 - 59072
E-mail address
Faculties & Education Centres
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Financial Faculty
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Education by Correspondence
  • Educational Centre of Moscow State Open University
  • Chernigiv Educational Centre of Kyiv National University of Economics
  • Educational Centre of Kyiv Technological University for Civil Engineering and Architecture


    About the Institute

    Chernigiv State Institute of Economics and Management (CSIEM) was founded as a higher educational institution in 1994 in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The aim was to provide the Polissya region of Ukraine with qualified specialists in the fields of Economics, Management, Accounting and Audit, Marketing, Banking, Law, Land surveying, International Economics, Certification, Geoinformatics, Agroecology, Economic Cybernetics etc. in order to meet up - to - date requirements of market economy.

    The structure of the Institute is developing dynamically. Nowadays it has 4 faculties (the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Management, the Financial Faculty, the Faculty of Continuing Education), 10 chairs, 3 educational centres and preparatory courses.

    More than 5 thousand students are trained on the faculties and different forms of training. Half of the teaching personnel has degrees of Candidate of Science (equivalent Ph D) and Doctor of Science.

    The Institute includes three educational centres established in partnership with Moscow State Open University, Kyyiv National University of Economics and Kyyiv State Technological University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Also an educational centre with the participation of higher educational establishments of Belarus is going to be established.

    The Institute is an organizing centre for "the incubator" of new scientific and technical projects and new technologies, 27 scientific and research labs and 7 pilot production businesses and farms which provide the development and promotion of new prospective problems of science and production.

    The Main Trends of Research and Development:

  • Temperature sensors, dryers;
  • Synthetic gasoline;
  • None - woven materials;
  • Appraisal of investment projects;
  • Computer technologies;
  • Psychological and physiological researches;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Devices for medical diagnostics;
  • Man - made stone;
  • Ultra - thin filter materials;
  • Geoinformation system;
  • Agrotechnical marketing;
  • Projects in economics;
  • Projects in education ("Education in XXI century"), etc.

  • The computerised library offers students more than 20 000 copies of books and text books which has a local computer net connected with the national Library named after Vernadsky in Kyiv and through it - with Internet.

    The students have an opportunity to go in for sports to fitness centre, stadium and summer recreation camp "Fortuna". The football and basketball teams "Fortuna " are prize winners. Several students are members of the national track and field team. The students spend their free time at discos, parties, "the Club of Merry and Witty" competitions.


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