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University of Glasgow
Department of Slavonic Studies


Address Graduate School of Arts and Humanities
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ.
Email address
Course titles Undergraduate courses
  • Slavonic and East European Studies
  • Slavonic Languages and Literatures( Czech, Polish, Russian)
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Russian
    Graduate courses
  • Russian
  • Russian Language for Social Scientists
  • Slavonic Languages
  • Slavonic and East European Studies
  • Length of courses Undergraduate courses - 4 years plus 1 year abroad if studying Czech, Polish or Russian
    Type of courses Undergraduate courses -full time
    Graduate courses-full time and part time
    Date of Commencement October
    Accommodation Available in Halls of Residence. Private/family accommodation also available locally
    Student grants/
    financial assistance
    Postgraduate Scholarships available on competition basis
    Admission requirements Undergraduate courses
  • SCE Highers: BBBB
  • A-levels: BBC
  • Other qualifications accepted. For further information please contact Central Admissions Service, University of Glasgow
    Graduate courses
  • First degree + academic references
  • English language: IELTS - 6.0 TOEFL - 580
  • Class size Varies
    Fees For up to date fees please contact the Student Recruitment Office
    10% students from non-EU countries
    Men/Women 50:50
    Age range 17 yrs +
    Head of the Department Professor Michael Kirkwood


    Course/Program description

    Slavonic and East European Studies (UG) is designed to appeal to students interested in Eastern Europe and who have an ability in foreign languages.

    Slavonic Languages and Literatures - Czech, Polish, Russian (UG).

    Students can study for a degree in any of the three languages. The languages are offered to beginners or to students offering higher level qualifications. Students normally spend the third year of their course abroad studying in the country of the language being studied.

    A wide range of taught Masters and research opportunities are also available in the Department of Slavonic Studies.

    About the University

    The University of Glasgow, founded in 1451, is the fourth oldest University in the UK. There are currently over 16,000 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

    The University is situated to the West of the city of Glasgow, European City of Design and Architecture in 1999. On the University campus students have access to two Students'Unions, excellent sports facilities, a health centre, an International Student Adviser, the University Library, the Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum.

    Academic departments are grouped in eight faculties: Arts, Divinity, Engineering,Law and Financial Studies, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Veterinary Medicine. All departments are active in research and theUniversity is acknowledged as having national or international research profile in 35 different subject areas.


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