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Spinnaker College


Address Prudential Buildings, 16 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, PO1 2DE
Tel. No. +44 2392 873344
Fax No. +44 845 8336651
E-mail address
Director of studies Dr. Mark Wyatt
Course Titles
  • General English/Intensive General English
  • Foundation IELTS with General English (Pre-Int./Intermediate)
  • IELTS (Upper-Intermediate/Advanced)
  • English Language Skills (Part-time course)
  • ESOL with Citizenship
  • Young Learners Courses
  • Business English
  • Refresher course for English teachers
  • ABE Certificate
  • Type of courses Full-time / Part-time
    Length of courses 1 week +
    Level of courses Beginner
    Upper Intermediate
    Examinations offered ESOL and Citizenship
    Class size Maximum 14
    Date of commencement Every Monday
    Accommodation Available
    Admission requirements There is no admission requirement except that we need to assess the level of students in order to place them in the right course.
    Student profile Our students vary from European students and Middle Eastern students both male and female at the age of 16+. We also run Junior courses for 12 to 16 year olds.
    Cost / Fees From £95 a week
    Contact person for application


    About our English language courses

    • General English Courses (EFL) Elementary to Advanced, (15-25 hours per week). A General English Course will help you develop your knowledge of the language and your ability to use it for a variety of purposes. Your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation should improve together with the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, all in a setting that will broaden your knowledge of British culture.

    • Foundation IELTS with General English, (15-25 hours per week). Students taking this course add an IELTS component to their General English course. This allows them to start preparing for the IELTS exam, while also bringing up the overall level of their English.

    • IELTS with General English, (15-25 hours per week). This course prepares learners for IELTS, an exam which acts as a gateway to entering British universities. Our course focuses on providing learners with the academic skills they need to succeed.

    • English Language Skills. (10 Hours per week). You can choose to take afternoon Skills-Based Courses to develop your Speaking, Listening, Reading or Writing skills.

    • ESOL with Citizenship (Starts every Saturday,4 hours (including a 30-minute break) per week for 5 Saturdays).

    • English for Junior/Young Learners. We offer Junior/Young Learners courses as a package, which includes lessons, accommodation and excursions. Junior/Young Learners enrol during their holiday season, so we run these courses seasonally on demand.

    • English for Business Communications (C & G). Runs every 3 months (15 hours per week). This course aims to help business people develop their capacity to operate successfully in the workplace in English and leads to a City & Guilds qualification.

    • English + ABE Certificate in Business Management (15 hours per week). This course runs every 6 months. Spinnaker College is accredited by ABE (Association of Business Executives) and we are one of the institutions, which run the ABE courses.

    • English and methodology refresher for language teachers (15 hours per week).The course aims to help non-native speaker teachers of English refresh their English language skills, as well as their knowledge of language teaching methodology.

    About Spinnaker College

    Located in the vibrant university district in the centre of Portsmouth, UK, Spinnaker College provides a variety of high quality and affordable English language courses for adult international students and younger learners throughout the year.

    All our teachers have qualifications in English language teaching. They make lessons enjoyable and interesting by adopting a communicative, learner-centered, task-based approach which focuses on the students’ needs. This encourages you, the learner, to involve yourself in challenging, rewarding and stimulating activities.

    We aim to offer every student who comes to the Spinnaker college not just classes in English as a foreign language, but a full experience of English life and culture.

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