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State Linguistic University


Address 9 Kalinina Avenue, Pyatigorsk
Stavropol Region, RUSSIA 357533
Tel. No. (+7) 86533 - 93529 Rector's Office
(+7) 86533 - 99734 International Department
Fax No. (+7) 86533 - 99734 International Department
E-mail address root@PSPIFL.Pyatigorsk.SU
  • English, German Linguistics
  • Translation
  • Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Pedagogical Psychology
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • French
  • French and English Linguistics
  • Spanish and English Linguistics
  • German and English Linguistics
  • Goverment Studies
  • Type of course Full Time/ Short Courses
    Length of course Bachelor of Arts - 8 semesters = 4 years
    Master of Arts - 2-4 semesters = 1-2 years
    Short Courses - from 4 weeks to 10 months
    Date of commencement 1st September
    Class size 10-12 students
    Accommodation Available on-campus
    Fees Varies per courses
    Financial assistance Not available
    Admission requirements No restrictions
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students: 98% / 2%
  • Ratio of Men / Women 10% / 90%
  • Age range: 17 - 35
  • Contact for application Mrs.Helen Pronchenko
    Head of International Relations Department

    Mr. Victor Mishin
    Director for Foreign Projects



    English-German Department

    Dean: A.Axelrood, Ph.D.
    Address: 9 Kalinin Str., Pyatigorsk State University of Linguistics, Pyatigorsk, 357538, Russia
    Phone:(+7)86533 98461
    Student body: 550
    Teaching Staff: 110
    Chair of English Philology
    Chair of the English Language
    Chair of the German Language
    Majoring in: English, German Linguistics, Translation and Teaching Foreign Languages.
    Basic academic disciplines: Linguistics, English, German, Literature, Russian, European and American Civilization, History, Economics, Philosophy, Computers,Psychology, Methods of Teaching, Education.
    Major field of research: Text Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Social Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax, Styles of Language, Theoretical Phonetics.

    English-Psychology Department

    Dean: R.Repetskaya, Ph.D.
    Address: 9 Kalinin Ave., Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk 357533, Russia
    Phone: (+7)86533 99190
    Student body: 430
    Teaching Staff: 58
    Chair of English Philology
    Chair of English Phonetics
    Chair of Psychology
    Majoring in: English Linguistics, Pedagogical Psychology
    Basic academic disciplines: Linguistics, English, Literature, European and American Civilization, History, Psychology, Economics, Computers
    Major field of research: English Linguistics, Pedagogical Psychology

    Departments of Interpreting

    Dean: Z. Zavroumov, PhD in Linguistics
    Address: 9 Kalinin Ave., Pyatigorsk 357533, Russia
    Phone: (+7) 8653398223
    Student body: 300
    Teaching staff: 37
    Chair of Translation Theory and Practice
    Chair of West European Languages and Cultures
    Majoring in: Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting
    Basic academic disciplines: Translation Theory and Practice, Theory of Linguistics, Lexicology, Theoretical Gra0mmar, Stylistics.
    Major fields of research: Linguistics, Methods of Teaching

    Department of French

    Dean: A. Moiseev, PhD
    Address: 63 Kirova Ave., Pyatigorsk 357500, Russia
    Phone: (+7) 86533 52344
    Student body: 400
    Teaching staff: 37
    Chair of French Philology
    Chair of French Language

    French and English Linguistics, Translation and Teaching of Foreign Languages.
    Basic academic disciplines: French Philology, Linguistics, Russian and European Civilization, History, Economics, Philosophy, Methods of Teaching, Computers.
    Major field of research: Text Linguistics, Autolinguididactics

    Department of Spanish

    Dean L.Denisenko, Ph.D
    Address: 63 Kirova Ave, Pyatigorsk 357500, Russia
    Phone: (+7) 86533 50564
    Student body: 200
    Teaching staff: 20
    Chair of Spanish Language
    Majoring in: Spanish and English Linguistics, Translation ahd Teaching Foreign Languages.
    Basic academic disciplines: Spanish and English Linguages, Literature, History, Economics, Philosophy, Computers, European and American Civilization, Latin Language
    Major fields of research: Spanish Text Analysis, Methodics of Foreign Languages Teaching

    Department of German

    Dean N.Khaldonodi, PhD
    Address: 38 Oktyabrskaya St., Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk 357500, RUSSIA
    Phone: (+7) 86533 542 52
    Student body: 300
    Teaching staff: 37
    Chairs German Language
    German Philology

    Majoring in: German and English Linguistics
    Basic Academic disciplines: Translation and Teaching of German and English, German & English languages, European & Russian Civilization, History, Economics, Computers, Stylistics, Theory of Linguistics
    Major fields of research: Typology, German Philology, Germaneutics (Text Analysis)

    Department for Managers of Goverment and Municipal Administration

    Dean: V.Ermakov, Ph.D
    Address: 9 Kalinin Ave, Pyatigorsk 86533, Russia
    Phone\Fax: (+7) 86533 90843
    Student body: 165
    Teaching staff: 15
    Chairs: Management, Business English
    Majoring in: Manager of Goverment, Municipal Administration
    Basic academic disciplines: History, Economics, Theory of the State and Law, Information Systems in Administration, Management, Tax system, World Economy, Finance, Social Management, English and German Languages, French Language
    Major fields of research: Social Management, Management as Economic Relationships, Management in Higher Education, Innovative Management, Modern Leadership Concepts.

    About the University

    The University is located in the heart of the unique Mineral Spa Health Resort area in South Russia.

    The International Airport Mineralniye Vody is in 15 miles distance with direct flights from Germany, Cyprus ,Greece available as well as transit flights from/to USA and West Europe.

    The University was founded in 1939 first as a Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, and acquired a status of the University in 1995. This educational institution has been working successfully in the field of education for almost 60 years by now. It is listed among the largest and most respected schools for training sopecialists in English,German, French, Spanish and Russian Languages as well as the professionals in Government and Municipal Administration. There is a specialized Council for rewarding PhD degrees in Linguistics operating in the University.

    More than 3,500 students take studies at the eight departments annualy. Scientific research is provided on six postgraduate courses. The teaching staff include 500 professors, lecturers and readers, 14 of them are full professors and 187 are Doctors of Science.

    For the last decade the University has been organizing various short-term courses on commercial basis andwith length of 4 weeks to 10 months for foreign students from USA , Germany, Great Britain, Spain, China and etc. Special programmes in Russian Language .Russian Literature, Arts, Russian History and Political Bacgrounds of Russia and Area Studies are offered as designed to meet the individual requirements and interests of the guest students.

    Academic classes are supplemented by various cultural programmes, round-table conferences, meetings, tours in the area and outside it.

    The principal elements of the course are the modern Russian language and a second modern European language at students choice. The graduates of the University are awarded with a Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts degree in Education and qualified as Lecturer of Russian and English (French,Spanish,German), Interpretor-Adviser in these languages and Office and Municipal Officer with knowledge of two foreign languages. If the student so desires he/she can be instructed and certified as a Journalist, Computer Programmist, Specialist in the Field of International Relations and Foreign Policy, in Marketing and Management etc.


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