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University of Łódź


Address 65,Narutowicza Street, 90-131 Łódź, Poland
Tel. No. +(48-42) 635 40 02, 635 40 10
Fax No. +(48-42) 678 39 24
E-mail address
International Students Office
Faculties & Institutes
  • Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
  • Faculty of Economics and Sociology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Philosophy and History
  • Faculty of Physics and Chemistry
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Geographical Sciences
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Law and Administration
  • Faculty of International and Political Studies
  • Faculty of Management
  • Degree programmes (for international students, language of instruction - English)
  • Master's Degree Programme in Administration
    (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Computer Science
    (Faculty of Mathematics)
  • Master's Degree in Informatics and Econometrics
    (Faculty of Economics and Sociology)
  • Master's Degree in Development Economics
    (Faculty Of Economics and Sociology)
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Management - Specialization Business Management
    (Faculty of Management)
  • Master's degree in International Marketing Specialisation - Euromarketing
    (Chair of International Marketing and Retailing, Faculty of International and Political Studies)
  • Post-Graduate Studies - The Executive MBA Programme in Business Management (Faculty Of Management)
  • Joint European Master's Degree in Women's and Gender Studies (Gemma) Erasmus Mundus Programme
    (Faculty of International and Political Studies)
  • Type of courses Full-time and part-time
    Length of courses 3-years (BA programmes)
    4.5 - 5-years (MA programmes)
    2-years (MA additional programmes)
    1-year or 2-years (post-graduated programmes)
    4 years doctoral programmes
    Date of commencement All courses commence on 1 October
    Class size From 8-15 persons to 25-30 persons
    Accommodation The University of Łódź has 11 student dormitories including:
    10 dormitories for full-time students (with separate places in XIV DS for students of School of Polish for Foreign Students), where there are 4224 residential places and 1 dormitory for extramural students.
    Accommodation in a student house for full-time students range from 170 - 310 PLN per month.
    Financial assistance Foreign students may obtain financial aid through the Polish Government and the financial support from Łódź University
    Full-time Polish students in difficult material conditions can receive following financial support: social scholarships social grants for disabled persons, subsidized meals in the students' canteens, subsidized accommodation welfare.
    Admission requirements Foreign applicants seeking admission to Łódź University must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law and the University's regulations.

    For current information regarding specific program admission requirements, students should check the University website or contact:

    Documents to be submitted by foreigners requesting enrolment at the University of Łódź:
    1. Legalisation of the secondary school certificate or of the apostle (translation into the Polish language of an equivalent value of a certificate received abroad with a certificate received in Poland);
    2. Document confirming the candidate's visit status and country of origin;
    3. Application questionnaire (can be received from the International Students Office or from the website);
    4. Medical certificate stating that there are no factors indicating that the candidate cannot study at a chosen major;
    5. Health insurance policy in case of sickness or consequence of accident valid for education period in Poland or European Health Insurance Card. It is also possible to purchase Polish public health insurance at a regional branch of the National Health Fund;
    6. 3 photographs.

    If candidate seeks enrolment to the second or post-graduate degree courses, the candidate is obliged to submit, among other things, a diploma of completing the first-degree courses confirmed by the Faculty Council of the Faculty at which the candidate wishes to continue education, a medical certificate, 3 photographs, an application questionnaire, and a document confirming the candidate's visit status and country of origin.
    Contact for application Monika Gut – Grzejdziak
    Head of the International Students Office
    Dominika Bursa
    International Students Office
    Address: International Student Office
    ul. Narutowicza 65
    90-131 Łódź
    tel: (0-48-42) 635 47 90
    Fax: (0-48-42) 635 47 89


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