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English Language Foundation


Address 7 Herbert Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
Telephone +353 1 662 2802
Fax +353 1 661 4786
E-mail address
Type of course Full-time and part-time
Length of courses Any number of weeks
Level of courses All levels
Examinations offered Preparation for IELTS, TOELFL, Cambridge exams
Date of commencement Every Monday
Class size Maximum of 8 students per class
Student accommodation Host Family Accommodation or Hotel
Fees From £210 per week ( excluding accommodation )
Admission requirements Completed registration form and deposit of £200
Student profile Young adults ( from 17 years ) and young professionals
School Principal Mr. Alan O’Brien
Name of contact
person for application
Mr. Alan O’Brien


About the Courses

The learning programme at the Dublin English Language Foundation offers personalised tuition within small dynamic study groups. This approach ensures that high levels of concentration and motivation are maintained throughout the lessons, as well as enabling the teacher to deal more effectively with individual linguistic problems.

Students benefit from a balanced curriculum which places equal emphasis on the formal acquisition of grammar and structures and on the development of the spontaneous use of English.

Two lessons each morning are devoted to Accuracy in the use of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. A further two lessons focus on Fluency in the spoken language; students are trained to communicate effectively in a wide range of everyday situations. Many students choose to take supplementary Tutorial lessons (1 student to 1 teacher) in the afternoon where they are able to focus on individual interests and problem areas.

About the School

The Dublin English Language Foundation is a small friendly school which aims to make each student’s stay a memorable experience. It is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in all aspects of the services it offers: from teaching, cultural and social programmes to the family accommodation and school facilities.

The school is an elegant 3-storey Georgian building located in the prestigious 2nd district of Dublin, within a 10 minute walk from the city centre. The building has recently been refurbished to provide students with six spacious classrooms, a learning resources centre and a common room. Students can also enjoy a pleasant garden at the front of the school.

The school offers spacious, well-equipped classrooms and a self-access resources centre which includes:
  • multi-media language learning workstations pre-loaded with the latest EFL software
  • a library offering a wide range of text books and reference material for all levels
  • recorded material on video and audio cassette
  • television and video equipment


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