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MIP Politecnico di Milano
School of Management


AddressMIP Politecnico di Milano,Via Garofalo 39,20133 Milan,Italy
Tel. No. 39 02 2399 9194
Fax No. 39 02 2399 2844


About the School and University

The Department MIP was created 29 years ago out of a partnership between the Politecnico di Milano and some leading businesses and institutions operating in Italy, and:

• it has as its objective the Innovation in Business Management and Public Administration;
• it reports to the Management Engineering Department of the Politecnico, where most of its faculty come from and with which it forms the School of Management;
• by taking advantage of the cooperation between the academic elements, the businesses and the institutions, it wants to promote high-level activities in the post-graduate and/or post-working experience training fields and to monitor the demands of qualified skills.

The Institution Politecnico di Milano is a technical university in Italy which stands for the highest quality education in engineering, management, architecture, design and industrial design.Founded in 1863, the Politecnico di Milano is the leading Technical University in Italy and is ranked amongst the top 20 in Europe.

It hosts over 1000 professors and researchers and over 43 000 students in 18 departments .The culture of management, technology and design of the Politecnico di Milano has given birth to engineers, entrepreneurs and designers who have created the legend “Made in Italy.”Some examples include Nobel Prize winner Giulio Natta for engineering, Renzo Piano for architecture and Gianfranco Ferrè for design.


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