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School of Arts & Humanities
Middlesex University


Address Middlesex University,
Trent Park Campus Bramley Road London N14 4YZ England
Tel. No. +44 20 8411 5000
Fax. No. +44 20 8411 6697
E-mail addresses
Courses Art, Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Graphics, Illustration, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Electronic Arts, History of Art, American Studies, Sonic Arts, Film Studies, TV Production, Industrial Design, Product Design, Design & Technology, Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies, Publishing, Creative & Media Writing, Poetry, Photography, Games Design, Music, Dance, Theatre Studies, Drama, Theatre Directing, Performing Arts, TEFL, TESOL, English Studies, English Literature, Communications, European Philosophy, Aesthetics & Art Theory, European Languages, Translation, History, Education Studies
Type of courses BA/BSc, MA/MSc/MFA, MPhil/PhD
Certificate of Higher Education
Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma
Length of courses BA/BSc = 3 years
MA/MSc = 1 year
MFA = 2 years
All programmes are available in full-time and part-time mode years
Date of commencement September and January
Application deadlines do not apply
Class Size Varies according to programme
Student accommodation Private (single) bedroom accommodation, with internet connection
Cost/fees Overseas = from £9,000
EU = £3,000 (undergraduate); £4,100 to £5,000 (postgraduate)
MA Theatre Directing only = £9,700
Financial assistance Student scholarships available
Student profile 1.Countries of origin (number) = Over 100
2. Age Range = 18-70
3. Average Age = 23
Admission requirements Undergraduate
Full matriculation – subject to NARIC certificate of equivalence
IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL213 (550)
1 academic reference

BA degree equivalent to British 2nd class honours
IETLS 6.5 or 7.0; TOEFL 235 or 250 (580 or 600)*
2 academic references

All Art and Design programmes: Subject to portfolio assessment
All Performing Arts programmes: Subject to audition and/or interview
Contact for application Sue Allen, EU Admissions
Middlesex University
Building 2, North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
London N11 1QS

Or, for personal help and guidance:
Markella Charalambous
Middlesex University Regional Office
Tel: +357-22-441728 Fax: +357-22-441735

For Art and Design programmes only:
Joanne Purcell
Middlesex University School of Arts
Cat Hill
Herts EN4 8HT
Tel: +44 20 8411 5246


About Middlesex University School of Arts

The School of Arts is a major centre for the arts among the UK’s modern universities. It is home to Middlesex’s programmes in performing arts, media, culture, communication, philosophy, history, English language and literature, translations and languages, art, design and electronic arts. The work of the School is respected internationally. Its approach to the arts and humanities is both liberal and innovative, embracing many contemporary ideas as well as those traditionally associated with the disciplines.

Research in this School encompasses electronic arts, fine arts, the history and theory of visual culture, product and architectural design, textiles, fashion and the decorative arts; visual communication and design; dance, music and theatre studies; philosophy, religious studies, languages and translation; culture, politics, history and international studies. The Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts (ResCen) is multi-disciplinary and artist-driven. It is designed as a ‘bridge’ between academia and the practising professional performers it supports. ResCen is centrally concerned with the artist at work, and with ways in which the working artist can be enabled to reflect on and document his/her own creative processes and make these reflections available to the wider arts community. ResCen supports six working artists, facilitates discussion, the exchange of ideas and information and shares the information as widely as possible.

The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture is located in School of Arts at Middlesex University’s Cat Hill campus; it is also open to the public. Its varied exhibitions give a vivid picture of domestic life in the first half of the twentieth century while also looking at contemporary design, art and issues related to the domestic environment. A Study Room at the Museum gives scholars access to the archives which are not currently on display.

The School of Arts is also home to the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts (LCEA) – Europe’s leading innovator in education concerning the understanding and application of computing to media and the arts. There are opportunities to undertake research in any area covered by the LCEA, including Sonic Arts, Design for Interactive Media and Video.

The Product Design Research Group embraces mechanical and manufacturing engineering, design and technology. This group’s interests cover mass customisation, medical/mechatronic products and design education. The School of Art is constantly updating its academic provision and this year sees the opening of several new programmes. BA Honours Games Design places emphasis on designing original games, running various enterprises including small business start-ups and having in-depth, critical knowledge of topics related to games design. The range of game types covered by this programme includes: electronic, traditional, fantasy, strategy, educational, activity based, role-play and board games. BA Honours Film, Video, Interactive Arts aims to push out the boundaries of traditionally separate practices and emerged as a result of students’ desire to work in a more diverse and interdisciplinary way within the creative industries. Two-thirds of the programme comprises digital video and interactive work, with strong emphasis on student collaboration. BA Honours Fashion Design, Styling & Promotion gives students a foundation in the technical skills of pattern cutting, grading and clothing manufacture, and in-depth awareness and understanding of the fashion business, developing skills in fashion illustration, portfolio collections productions, CAD presentation, photography and styling, fashion journalism, merchandising and business skills.

Middlesex University – Your London Campus

Middlesex aims to be a global university, committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by innovative research and outstanding professional practice. Middlesex’s educational roots stretch back to the end of the 19th century when the first college opened its doors in 1878. Today Middlesex is one of the UK’s largest universities, with around 25,000 students located on three major London campuses and a further 5,000 students studying on Middlesex programmes in campuses around the globe.

Our academic programmes are offered within five Schools: Arts & Humanities, Health & Social Sciences; Education; Business and Computing Science. We are justly proud of our reputation and of the extensive range of our academic programmes. In 2005 Middlesex was awarded £6.5million for the creation of two national Centres for Excellence in Teaching & Learning from the Higher Education Funding Council for England. In 2003 the Quality Assurance Agency Institutional Audit gave Middlesex the highest rating possible. In the same year we won the Queen’s Award for Industry. The last 10 Quality Assurance Agency assessments resulted in ratings of ‘excellent’; and we gained top marks for Student Support & Guidance in the last 15 inspections. In addition, Middlesex University won three consecutive Queen’s Anniversary Prizes between 1996 and 2000.

Our student facilities include well-appointed study-bedrooms, most with en-suite shower and wc. All rooms have internet connection. Our lively student union offers a wide range of social activities to help students make new friends and meet others from around the world. If you take your sports seriously, our qualified instructors offer top-quality coaching. Middlesex sportspeople have competed successfully at regional, national and international levels.

We provide a learning environment in which students have the widest possible choice. You can take a “single honours” programme and study your chosen subject in depth, or you can take a “joint honours” programme which allows you to combine two subjects to meet your career needs; for example, Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Education Studies, or Sports Science with Health Studies, or Psychology with Criminology. The combinations are many and varied. Even at postgraduate level, students can take Joint Masters programmes in a range of different subject areas.

Middlesex also offers extensive exchange opportunities so that students can study their chosen subject in a different cultural context, for example Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, or Management in New York. For those who prefer to remain at home, our London location promises exciting opportunities for work experience and a wide range of internships. These carefully supervised placements provide insights into the workplace and allow students to graduate with an academic degree and a semester or a year’s work experience for their resume. Postgraduate students can use a summer internship as the context for an applied research dissertation – and gain from invaluable practical experience.

Gaining maximum benefit from combining top-quality academic programmes with outstanding professional practice is our goal for every student who comes to Middlesex. We strive to graduate knowledgeable, highly skilled and motivated people who will go out into the world and really make a difference!

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your study needs. Thank you for your interest in Middlesex University.


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