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International Hotel School


AddressWindsor House, Port Erin, Isle of Man IM9 6 LA, United Kingdom
Tel. No.+44 (0) 1624 832 836
Fax No.+44 (0) 1624 835365
  • IHMES Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Type of courseFull time
    Date of CommencementJanuary, March, and July . September.
    Application Deadlines; 8 weeks before the start of each course
    Length of course27 months and 18 months
    Class size12-30
    AccommodationAll inclusive fees include Food, accommodation, tuition, text books, Internet access 24 hours a day 7 days a week, practical uniforms, medical care
    Cost / Fees£6950 GBP per year for the 27 month program and £7800 GBP for the total 18 Post graduate Program
    Admission requirementsTOEFL 520
    Top recruiters of graduates Top Hotel Chains e.g. Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn
    Exchange Partner SchoolsIHMES Manila Philippines
    Student profile1. Ratio Men: Women 40% Woman, 60% Men
    2. Age Range: 18- 27
    3. Average Age: 22
    4. Average Work Experience: During the course as it is an integral part of the program 1 year
    Course directorJoseph Parys


    Programme Description

    Students of our unique two year programme incorporating British and American qualifications take a broad spectrum of subjects both Theory and Practical. The students acquire the skills which qualify them for immediate employment in the Hotel - Hospitality Business. The first year consists of two terms of theory and in-house practical followed by a three month internship in top class international UK hotels.

    The 2nd year is divided into three modules followed by a nine month paid practical internship. The internship is an integral part of the course and all students produce a report on their experience - credits of which go towards their Diploma and their entry onto the BA Degree Programme.

    All units within our program are subject to assessment, the purpose of which is to enable students to demonstrate that they have fulfilled the objectives of the unit and have achieved the standards required for the award of that particular topic. Assessments combine course work/workshop activity, oral presentations, assignments, case study analysis and written examinations.

    All assessments are designed with particular emphasis upon the integration of the Common Skills of Communicating, Managing Tasks and Solving Problems with the added provision of opportunities for Applying Numeracy and Technology.

    Successfully completing this program of studies and being awarded the IHMES International Hotel School Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management and The BTEC Higher National Diploma will entitle the students to transfer directly into the Final Year of a BA Hospitality Degree.

    Incorporated in the American Diploma are 12 certificates of achievement. Two Certificates of successful internship are also awarded.

    About the School

    Students from over 25 countries attend IHMES and they are encouraged to interact as much as possible. The student council to which students are elected each semester plays a large part in co-ordinating the social and sporting aspects of College life.

    Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the local community whether it be on the social side, sporting, amateur dramatics or church - they are always made most welcome. Many of the students have played for the local hockey, football and cricket teams, plus students take part in other local competitions.

    Professional visits are arranged at regular intervals.

    The student council also organises the welcoming parties for the new 1st Year students - which is an essential part of the formal induction programme, the going away parties and graduation ceremonies.

    At IHMES we want you to belong.


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