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English Centre for International Students
Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute


Address Central Square, London NW11 7BN
Telephone +44 20 8455 8176
Fax +44 20 8455 4448
E-mail address
Course Titles
  • General English
  • Listening/ Speaking/ Pronunciation
  • Writing/ Vocabulary
  • Grammar Practice
  • Business (Intermediate)
  • Business LCCI Level I
  • Business LCCI Level 2/3
  • Tourism LCCI Level 1/2
  • Customer Service LCCI Level 2/3
  • Marketing
  • Pre-Foundation Art with English
  • University Preparation/ IELTS
  • Type of course Full-time and part-time
    Length of courses 4 weeks - 12 weeks
    Level of courses Beginners to Advanced (9 levels)
    Examinations offered Cambridge
    LCCI - London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Customer Service
    Date of commencement Students can enrol at any time during the year.
    Class size Average 15, maximum 18
    Student accommodation Homestay, bed and breakfast, hostels.
    For more information contact Britannia Student Services tel: +44 (0)20 7436 7738; e-mail:
    Fees Full time (15 hours per week) - £300 for four weeks
    Admission requirements You can apply by submiting the application form or e-mailing us.
    Student profile The students have a wide range of ages; the average is about 22.
    They come from about 60 countries.
    Most students are studying English to improve their job prospects or to advance their academic careers. They are highly motivated and work very hard to achieve their aims.
    Course director Ms. Georgie Raman
    Name of contact
    person for application
    Ms. Georgie Raman


    About the Courses

    General English courses are offered from 6 to 15 hours per week at all levels from Beginners to Advanced.
    These courses cover a wide range of skills and help students prepare for examinations. Courses concentrating on particular skills, such as Vocabulary/Writing, Grammar or Listening/ Speaking/ Pronunciation are offered at several levels. These give students a chance to develop areas where they are weak. The flexible timetable allows students to create a programme which meets their needs.

    The Centre also offers courses in Tourism, Customer Service, Marketing and Business at 3 levels. Students in these classes can take examinations organised by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). Students can combine these with General English classes to make a full-time course.

    University Preparation/ IELTS helps students prepare for study at university level and for the IELTS examination, which is required for admission to most British universities.

    The teaching staff take an interest in their students as individuals and work closely with them to help them achieve their aims. Homework is assigned regularly and advice is given on study skills and on how students can learn English outside of the classroom.

    The teachers design their courses with the students' interests and needs in mind, and students are regularly surveyed to ensure that they are satisfied with their courses. Mid-term and end-of-term tests are given to measure students' progress. Individual tutorials may be offered to students who need special help.

    About the School

    The Institute in Hampstead Garden Suburb is an Adult Education College in a beautiful residential area in Northwest London, close to Hampstead Heath. The Institute is a 15-minute walk from Golders Green Underground Station, which has a quick service to central London.

    There are currently over 400 students from all over the world studying in the English Centre for International Students. The Centre is a member of the British Association of State English Language Teaching (BASELT) and is accredited by the British Council.

    The teachers at the Centre are well-qualified, with extensive experience of working with students of different nationalities and abilities. There is a friendly, informal atmosphere in the classes, with a variety of activities designed to help the students improve their skills and develop confidence.

    The teaching and office staff provide advice on living in England, accommodation and studying at British universities. Help is also given to students with personal problems. The staff understand and respond to the needs of international students and ensure that they feel welcome.

    There is a snack bar, and a study centre provides books, tapes and laptop computers for individual study.

    Every term there is a social programme with theatre visits, excursions and other events. An extra fee is charged for some of these events. Our students like the international atmosphere and make friends from around the world.

    English Centre students can also study at the Institute Adult Education Centre. Foreign languages and computing are some of the courses on offer. These classes offer English Centre students an opportunity to develop their interests together with native English speakers.

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