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University of Groningen
Master in International Financial Management


Address Landleven 5/P.O.Box 800,
9700 AV Croningen, The Netherlands
Tel. No. + 31 50 363 7343
Fax No. + 31 50 363 2341
E-mail address
Courses Master in International Financial Management
Type of course Full-time
Length of courses 16 months
Date of Commencement September every year
  • The tuition fee for the full course is 18.000 EURO
  • The total cost for the full 16-month period of study, including tuition fee, living expenses, accommodation, insurance, travel, etc., is approximately 35,000 to 37,000 EURO
  • Accommodation Accommodation at additional cost, arranged at student's request.
    Class size 25-30 Maximum
    Student grants/
    financial assistance
    For information on scholarships, please contact the MSc Office or the Course Manager.
    Admission requirements
  • A good three-year Bachelor degree (e.g. BSc or BA), with Economics or Management (Business Administration) as main field of study (working experience not necessary).
  • Fluency in English. A minimum level of TOEFL 550 (or computer based TOEFL 213) will be accepted, and/or IELTS level 6 (average score), or other University recognised standards.
  • Please apply for further details.
  • Course Manager Mr. Drs. Rieks Bos
    Contact person for application Mr. Drs. Rieks Bos


    Course/Program description

    The Master Programme in International Financial Management (IFM) aims to develop future managers to handle the complexities of foreign capital investments and financing, evaluate risks related to operating abroad, manage and control international production and sales activities, manage alliances with foreign parties, and set up information processing and reporting. This Master programme will prepare students for managerial careers in financial organizations as well as in multinational companies as corporate financial managers. The programme is a cooperative effort of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Uppsala University in Sweden, and the University of Florida in the United States of America. Each of these Universities offers a different part of the study programme, so students will travel during the course of the programme to study in three different environments. One language, English, is used throughout the programme.

    This fulltime programme is built around four terms over a period of 16 months. The first term you will study at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands. For the second term, you will travel to Sweden, to study at Uppsala University. After completing the second term, you will travel to the U.S.A., where the University of Florida will offer the third term. Finally, during the fourth term, you will complete trial project, based on work with and study of international enterprises. You can choose where to do this dissertation project: at University of Groningen, The Netherlands, or at Uppsala University, Sweden.

    The core courses are: Corporate Finance; Management Accounting; International Financial Environment; International Business Foundations; International Financial Management; Capital Budgeting; Marketing Management in Financial Services; International Financial Markets and Institutions; Cash Flow Management. In the third term, you can choose from several electives.

    About the School

    The programme is a cooperative effort of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Uppsala University in Sweden, and the University of Florida in the United States of America, three internationally known Universities, highly ranked with regard to their educational and research standards. Each of the Universities grants degrees at the MSc level, or its equivalent, as well as Doctorates and PhD degrees. They are all located in regional cultural centres. They are also situated in rural locales, which make them safe and secure environments in which to live and learn.


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