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Master in European Studies
International Graduate Center
University of Applied Sciences Bremen


AddressInternational Graduate Center, Suederstr.2, D-28199 Bremen,Germany
Tel. No. +49 (0) 421-5905-4231
Course Master in European Studies
This is an interdisciplinary program with courses in European management, law and politics.
Type of courseFull-time
Length of course 2 semesters + one semester Internship (optional)
Date of commencement Winter semester starts in October each year, applications start in January.
Class size 25
Cost/Fees7900 Euro per year
Accommodation available via our International Student Association (ISA)
Student grants / financial assistance please check our MES website: for further information
Exchange Partner UniversitiesUniversity of Latvia, Latvia
Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, the Netherlands
Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.
Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland
University of Rajasthan , India
University of Gdansk, Poland
Metropolitan University Praha, Czech Republic
Admissions requirements A qualified first degree in either International Economics and Management or Law or Political Sciences plus proof of good English language proficiency (by TOEFL or IELTS certificate).
Course director Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lehmann
Student profile Countries of origin: Germany, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Vietnam, China, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Korea, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Kasachstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Albania, Lithuania, Ukraine, and more

Ratio Men: Womenapproximately 50/ 50%

Age Range:22-29 years old

Average Age:23-35

Average Work Experience: this very much depends and can change every year, on average, the students have worked 1-2 years
Contact details for application Please contact Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lehmann, or Dr. Monika Blaschke,


About the Master in European Studies

With Europe integrating at accelerated speed it becomes increasingly important for graduates from Europe and from outside alike to develop an in-depth understanding of the central issues facing Europe at all levels of the economy and administration and to acquire the tools to work with European institutions. Our objective is to prepare students for European leadership roles in the private and public sector. We have designed the program to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date study of economic and political dynamics in Europe. Studies in European private and public management, in European economics, law and politics, an intensive seminar in Brussels plus a period of practical training offer an ideal combination to acquire theoretical knowledge, management education, practical skills and European expertise. Students from outside Europe find excellent job opportunities worldwide with companies, banks and organizations cooperating with European partners.

The course consists of 10 modules providing students with an interdisciplinary approach to key factors of European integration. The main topics to be covered are: the institutional system of the EU, EU economic integration and business in the EU, management systems in the EU and the management of European funds, European business law, Policy-making in the EU as well as the EU in the international dimension. The faculty is composed of international and national university lecturers and EU practitioners. Emphasis is laid on an interdisciplinary approach in teaching and learning, group work, discussions and a lively exchange between participants. Due to the international set-up of the program, students will be confronted with the need to cope with the cultural and individual differences that arise in a multicultural setting, familiarising them with working across cultures and working in international teams.

The program is run entirely in English. The degree is a 12-month, full-time program (60 ECTS credits). The course begins in early October and ends in September the following year. Students may opt for an internship (30 ECTS credits) after the completion of classes and Thesis work.
Key features include:
  • Practice-oriented post-graduate education with an international emphasis
  • Studies in European public and private management
  • One year full-time
  • International lecturers and students
  • Intensive seminar in Brussels
  • Meet the Europeans program with guest lecturers and excursions
  • Optional Practical training
  • Orientation week
  • German language course and introduction to German history, economy and culture
  • Social activities and gatherings, tutorial support and guidance
  • Career planning forum
The course provides up to 25 places for applicants. Applications are welcome from students world-wide. The program is open to postgraduates with an academic degree in Public Policy/ or Management, Economics or Business, Political Sciences or Law or a comparable academic background. It is designed to provide interdisciplinary education and training for tomorrow’s managers of European affairs. Students come from different backgrounds and will benefit from opportunities to develop a European perspective and to broaden their knowledge and skills in significant aspects of European management. Due to the demanding time frame high academic standards and a very diligent work schedule are required. The program provides sound preparation for careers in European and international businesses, institutions and administrations, or for further European research. Graduates have a broad field of opportunity to choose from, including economic and legal adviser activities, positions in private and public management, lobbying activities, political offices and functions and in the diplomatic services. Students from outside Europe find excellent job opportunities worldwide with companies, banks and organizations cooperating with European partners.

About the University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Currently, Hochschule Bremen/ University of Applied Sciences has approx. 8000 students from more than 100 countries in more than 50 degree programs, covering the areas of business, engineering, science, economics, social science and the humanities. Depending on the course, degree-seeking students are awarded the traditional German academic degree (‘Diplom’) or a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Hochschule Bremen is well know for its international approach, with 258 university partnership programs world-wide, as well for its close co-operation between the University and regional industry. UAS Bremen is accredited as a national higher education institution and has received numerous awards, including one named Best-Practice University in 2000 by the CHE, the Centre for University Development; it was honoured by the Association of Sponsors of German Arts and Science for its instituted reforms and received the DAAD-Prize for International University Marketing in 2000 as well as a Socrates Erasmus award in 2004.

The University is located in a lively, cosmopolitan city that is rich in tradition and history. A fascinating mix of tradition and modernity, familiarity and worldly tolerance gives this city its special cosmopolitan flair. Future-oriented sciences and research are as much an established part of this mixture as are industry, commerce and cultural variety. One famous landmark, the Bremer Stadtmusikanten (town musicians), is a symbol of this port city's openness, tolerance and cosmopolitan tradition. Bremen's gateway to the world is its harbour, ships and international commerce. Bremen enjoys a climate of worldly openness and tolerance, thanks to hundreds of years as a flourishing trade centre. International contacts and co-operation with partners at the business, scientific and personal level has brought to the city many inspirational influences from other cultures. People from all over the world continue to come to Bremen and its sister city, Bremerhaven, which together make up the German city-state of Bremen. It is the smallest of Germany's 16 states with a population of 660,000. The city of Bremen accounts for 540,000 of these inhabitants.

At the same time, Bremen is a modern business location. Its special attributes: superb services, facilities and industrial expertise. In terms of foreign trade, Bremen can be found at the top of Germany's leading commercial centres. The city boasts a wide range of business sectors, ranging from high-tech industries, distribution and logistics, port facilities, automobile manufacturing (Daimler) and multimedia, to polar research, food industries (Kraft Foods, Tchibo, Kellogs, Inbev Brewery selling Beck´s beer) and aviation and aerospace (EADS/ Airbus). The city-state of Bremen puts a great deal of focus on future technologies. A wide variety of research projects are being conducted in the many scientific institutes located throughout Bremen and Bremerhaven. For example, Bremen's higher education institutions are working on an "EMAS" project for environmental auditing, the "BELFA" project for extending the life of bridges with in situ measurements and a project for simplifying the production of the drug, hydrocortisone. Outside the university system, research is being conducted at renowned institutes, such as Bremen's Fraunhofer Institute of Material Research or the Alfred Wegener Institute, the German centre for polar research in Bremerhaven.

About the International Graduate Center (IGC)

The Master in European Studies program is located in the International Graduate Center (IGC). For applicants with a first degree the International Graduate Center offers several first-rate and application-oriented Master degree programs in business & management. Our team of experienced lecturers, motivated students and a committed staff are a guarantee of quality, internationality and a practical orientation. Benefit from the team-oriented and interdisciplinary range of courses we offer, which will enable you to obtain a Master’s or MBA degree in one year of fulltime studies in English. The degree courses include full-time programs taught solely in English and part-time executive programs taught in both German and English. Moreover, the IGC Lectures take place several times a year and the IGC Journal is published twice a year highlighting activities in the programs. The Center offers state-of–the art classrooms, a computer room, a student lounge plus WLan.


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