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M.Sc. Programme in International Marketing
Athens University of Economics and Business


Address Athens University of Economics and Business
Department of Marketing & Communication
47A Evelpidon & 33 Lefkados Str., GR – 11362 Athens, Greece
Tel. No. + 30 210 82 03 665
Fax No. + 30 210 82 03 607
E-mail address
Courses M.Sc. Programme in International Marketing
Length of course Full time: 15 months
15 months
Type of course Full-time programme
Date of commencement The programme starts in September
Application Deadlines 1st round: mid November to beginning of March each year
2nd round: beginning of April to end of May each year
Class Size 25 students
Cost/fees 7.800 Euro
Exchange Partner Programmes The PRIMA students can participate in the Erasmus exchange program of the European Union and spend the third semester of their studies abroad for conducting their dissertation. PRIMA holds bilateral agreements with various universities in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK. Further, a number of foreign academics will give lectures as part of the PRIMA core courses.
Course director Professor George J. Avlonitis
Admission requirements The applicant should send the complete application form and the supporting documents which are:
• Certified copies of all University degrees obtained and transcripts. n case of a foreign University degree the applicant must secure a recognition from the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (
• Two recommendation letters
• Proof of knowledge of the English language (Proficiency certificate, TOEFL/IELTS results)
• Biographical statement
• Photo
• Certificate of deposit of 50 € to the Programme’s bank account number at the National Bank of Greece, 110/48008186
• Proof of work experience (if any)
• GMAT score is considered a plus
Student profile 1.Countries of origin: Interested students from all over the world can apply to the programme.
2. Ratio Men/Women: 50-50
3. Age Range: 22-26
4. Average Age: 24
5. Average Work Experience: none
Contact for application Ms Eirini Mavromara


The M.Sc. in International Marketing

The Programme in International Marketing (PR.I.MA.) starts in September of every year. All coursework for the programme is normally completed by December of next year.

The programme is divided in 3 semesters and includes 8 core courses, 2 elective courses and a dissertation.

The core courses take place in the first 2 semesters and the exams are given at the end of each semester. The elective courses may take place in facilities outside Athens, their duration is one week while at the end of the week students sit on exams. These courses are open to foreign students from the participating European universities, as well as students from American universities.

The courses are taught by both residential and visiting faculty from various European and American universities The detailed structure of the programme is:

1st semester
- International Business Management
- Cross Cultural Management
- International Marketing Research
- Marketing & Consumer Behavior across Cultures

2nd semester
- International Marketing Strategy
- International B2B Marketing
- International Product Management
- International Marketing Communications

3rd semester: Elective courses (2 out of 4) and the dissertation
- International Services Marketing
- International Pricing
- International Channel Management
- International Sales Management

The final months of the academic programme are devoted to the writing of the dissertation. The preparation of a dissertation is one of the most creative challenges of the postgraduate programme. The dissertation aims to:

• provide an opportunity to study a particular topic in depth;
• put into practice theories and concepts learned on the programme;
• combine relevant theories and suggest alternatives;
• enable interaction with practitioners.

Since the dissertation is part of the MSc in International Marketing, it must have a substantial international marketing aspect. Students are given the opportunity to undertake their dissertation in a participating University. A list of these Universities will be given to the students prior to the selection of the topic. Students that choose to undertake their dissertation abroad will be funded through the ERASMUS programme of the European Union.

The teaching methods combine structured lectures by academics with long teaching and consulting experience, case study presentations, business simulation games and team working projects. The lecturing style tends to be Participative, and lectures frequently incorporate real world examples, mini cases and discussions. The theoretical knowledge obtained by the classroom lectures is combined with real live business experience through executive workshops are offered with distinguished company executives as keynote speakers and field trips to subsidiaries of international companies and/or companies with extensive export activity.

Course attendance in the M.Sc. in International Marketing programme is obligatory. Student attendance lists are maintained by the program secretariat. Students are also required to arrive timely, so as not to disturb the class. The student is allowed to miss up to three (3) lectures of each course for personal reasons, otherwise he/she cannot sit on the exams of this course. In such a case the student should repeat the course in the academic period during which it is next available.

At the end of each course, students sit on written exams. Typically, the final grade of each course is based on the assessment of:

• The exam paper
• Case study / project / simulation games preparation
• Class participation

The Department of Marketing and Communication

The Department of Marketing and Communication is one of the newest and most dynamic departments of Athens University of Economics and Business. The Department was established in 1989 and began registering students in 1992, initially under the title “Department of Operational Research and Marketing”. From the start, it became the most popular department in the field of Economics and Business Administration. It is today one of the most popular departments and hence most demanding, in terms of entry qualifications, among all Greek university departments regardless of scientific field. It is the first university department in the field of marketing, the only one combining marketing with communication and one of the few that offer specialization in new communication technologies.

The Department’s degree program is addressed to prospective students who have an excellent general education, a dynamic personality and an ambition for a successful career as business executives, business consultants or businessmen/businesswoman.

The career prospects for the Department’s graduates seem excellent as, according to all published surveys, the demand for marketing and communication executives is very high. In particular, the graduates of the Department, having had gained a good command of computer applications for business purposes (such as product presentation, planning, communication with customers and suppliers), are highly in demand.

The Department’s graduates can follow a career in the private sector as corporate executives or in the public sector in many posts requiring modern management, marketing and communication skills. Their competitive advantage is particularly strong in the fields of marketing, sales, management of distribution channels, advertising, marketing research, public relations and human resource management. The graduates, who wish to continue their studies, possess a solid academic background that makes them able to undertake postgraduate studies in an array of management-related fields. The Department has currently 21 members of staff (Teaching and Research Staff). Most of them were awarded PhD degrees from distinguished foreign universities and many have teaching experience in western European and American universities. Certain courses (e.g. accounting, maths, informatics) are taught by staff from other departments of Athens University of Economics and Business since they fall in the area of their special expertise.

Within the Department there are three laboratories, established by State legislation, the purpose of which is to promote research and applications of scientific knowledge. The above are complemented by three research units, operating since 2001, which extend further the range of applied research interests pursued within the department.

Multimedia Laboratory for Communication
Laboratory of Marketing
Laboratory for Business Communication and Human Resource Management

The Athens University of Economics & Business

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was originally founded in 1920 under the name of Athens School of Commercial Studies. It was renamed in 1926 as the Athens School of Economics and Business, a name that was retained until 1989 when it assumed its present name, the Athens University of Economics and Business.

It is the third oldest University in Greece and the oldest one in the general fields of Economics and Business. Up to 1955 the School offered only one degree in the general area of Economics and Commerce. In 1955 it started two separate programs leading to two separate degrees: one in Economics and the other in Business Administration. In 1984 the School was divided into three Departments, namely the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Statistics and Informatics.

In 1989, the University expanded in six Departments. From 1999 onwards, the University developed even further and nowadays it includes eight academic departments, offering 8 undergraduate degrees, 23 Master degrees and an equivalent number of Doctoral Programmes.

Degree Programs

The University offers undergraduate (B.A. or B.Sc.), graduate (M.Sc. or M.B.A.) and doctoral (PhD) degrees. It is comprised of 8 departments as follows:

• Accounting and Finance
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Informatics
• International and European Economic Studies
• Management Science and Technology
• Marketing and Communication
• Statistics

The academic staff of the University consists of resident faculty, adjunct faculty, and visiting faculty. In addition, teaching and research assistants, foreign language and athletics instructors, and teachers of cultural activities are members of the academic staff. There are 4 levels (ranks) among resident faculty: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Lecturer. Faculty members are assisted by teaching and research assistants, many of whom hold a Master's Degree and continue their doctoral studies.

The resident academic staff of the University is currently composed of 37% Professors, 18% Associate Professors, 23% Assistant Professors, and 22% Lecturers. Resident faculty has to have a Doctorate in order to assume any level. A vast majority (76%) of the current faculty of AUEB have obtained their PhD degrees from the USA or the UK, in Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Cambridge, Northwestern, UC-Berkeley, NYU, Pennsylvania, LSE, LBS, Warwick, Manchester, Strathclyde, Aix-en-Provence, Essex, Maryland, City, Paris, Bath, Reading, etc. An additional 9% of the resident faculty holds a Doctorate from other European countries, and finally the remaining 15% holds a Doctorate from a Greek University.

AUEB faculty has previously served on the faculties of leading international Universities before getting a position at AUEB. Examples of such Universities include Columbia, Pennsylvania (Wharton), Northwestern, Cambridge, Dartmouth, U of Rochester, Imperial, Erasmus, Manchester, City, ETH Zurich, Paris-Dauphine, etc

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