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Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance

By Abhishek Gupta, Project Coordinator, International Advisory Services
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany

Many people, mainly in developing and transition countries, do not have access to formal financial institutions. Instead they rely on informal financial intermediaries, such as moneylenders who handle small amounts of money and charge very high interest rates. The richest 20% of adults in developing countries are more than twice as likely to have a formal account as the poorest 20%. Yet, while the poor don't have the same access to financial products as wealthier individuals, their need for financial services may be even greater. Development finance focusses on bringing this population in the formal finance sectors.

Development finance is about the development of formal financial systems catering the needs of the population at large not only in developing countries but also in developed world. Thus, development finance focuses on the key factors that drive or hinder the development of the formal financial sector and on the respective policy approaches that have been derived from this analysis to foster financial development and the build-up of inclusive financial sectors.

Established in 2016, our Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance aims to prepare new generations of leaders who are passionate about finance and its role as a catalyst for economic development and growth in emerging economies worldwide. Development Finance has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years as a means of alleviating people from poverty.

MA is not only theoretical but also very practical. The course is developed by leading professors from this field along with practitioners with a working experience of more than 10 years. This course will also help students develop, enhance or obtain new skills in Development Finance. The curriculum of this course not only equips you with Finance skills but also with Management and Leadership skills. The added value for the students is that the course is part time and online. This means that one can do the course even while travelling or working full time. The course also offers you the flexibility to design your own course by choosing the field you want to be in future career.

Frankfurt School looks back on more than 20 years of expertise in the field of development finance and combines real world experience with academic excellence. Frankfurt School International Advisory Services has successfully implemented more than 500 projects in more than 120 countries, from Zambia to Azerbaijan and hosts the internationally renowned research Centre for Development Finance.

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